Welcome to Cheap in Louisville – A Guide to Living Well on Less

I have lived in Louisville for over a decade, working for nonprofits. My spouse is a visual artist. Needless to say, like Bill Clinton once quipped, we often find ourselves as the poorest people in the room at parties. Despite limited incomes, we live large in Kentucky’s cultural epicenter. This blog is devoted to how we live well on relatively little – and how you can too.

For this blog, we are known as Ms. and Mr. Tisdale. Our pets are T-cat and T-dog. My spouse and I earned the nicknames “Mr and Mrs Tisdale” for having an unending supply of bottles of $3 Tisdale wine. (To live cheap, you also need to know how to drink cheap.) Our friends Mr. and Mrs. Undertaker started calling us the Tisdales in honor of our cheap drink of choice. Chin chin!


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