Cheap places to watch a movie

It’s ridiculous how pricey seeing a movie in a theater is these days. In Louisville, the going rate is $9 a person. Seriously? With those prices, there ain’t no such thing as a cheap date night (unless it’s your date who’s cheap).

So what to do when you are tired of streaming Netflix at home and your spouse begs, “take me out tonight, because I want to see people and I want to see life”?

You find cheap places to view a movie, of course. Here are the Tisdales top picks for where to watch movies at a discount.

(And don’t forget to bring your own popcorn! Much cheaper and healthier than the crap they sell, and it tastes waaay better. Our favorite topping? A sprinkling of truffle salt, olive oil, pepper and a bit of nutritional yeast. Just put your delicious popcorn in a paper bag and stash it in your coat or purse. You can do the same for bourbon if you’re feeling wild.)

1. Village Eight – as cheap as $2 each

It’s no surprise that this tops our list. The Village offers $2 all day Tuesdays and $3 all day Thursdays. Not good for your schedule? Matinees are $3, and adults are $5 on non-Tuesdays and Thursdays. Usually they show Hollywood flicks 2-3 months after distribution. But they also offer “Louisville exclusive films” (usually arty, documentary or foreign films), and they regularly host film fests.

2. Louisville Palace’s Classic Movie Series – $5 each (and you can buy booze!)

The Louisville Palace – truly one of the nation’s best preserved and most over-the-top Art Deco movie theaters (and this ain’t no hyperbole) – alone is worth the $5 admission price. Seriously.  Not interested in the movie? Buy your ticket and then spend the time wandering the staircases, aisles and alcoves. If you haven’t been, we promise you, the Palace will astound and delight you. So beyond the jaw-dropping, over-the-top Spanish Baroque decor, the Palace also offers an affordable classic movies run. Each summer (usually July-August) they choose a different theme. Some of the themes are more successful than others, but on the whole, you can find at least a handful of films worth seeing, plus there is a decent bar, and you can take your drinks with you into the theater (but the Tisdales have been known to sneak in their own drinks). And did we mention the decor?

3. University of Louisville Library – free!

Looking for something more unique, provocative or completely foreign to your existence? Check out the University of Louisville Libraries’ film schedule. These films, shown in the Elaine Chao Memorial Auditorium (don’t get us started), are FREE! Often there is free food hosted before the events, so you can even show up a little hungry. The Library hosts various types of films throughout the academic year, including a Latin American, LBGTQ, environmental/animal rights, Iranian, etc. But finding out about the films can be challenging. Check the UofL Libraries or main UofL calendar often.

4. Iroquois Amphitheater’s Movie Under the Stars – free!

What could be better (or cheaper) than packing a picnic dinner and watching a movie outside? Iroquois Amphitheater can’t be beat for ambiance or price. Movies are family friendly, but they are not all “kid” movies. Movies run monthly during the summer months.

5. University of Louisville Cards Under the Stars – free!

If you have kids, you have to take them to this. It’s free, the movies are usually popular and recent-run cartoons, and there are giant bouncey-thingies and games for the kids. UofL hosts these 2-3 times a summer. Search the UofL website to find out what’s playing.

6. University of Louisville Student activities Center – $1.50 each

The SAC’s Floyd Theater has long been the place where lonely, socially challenged college weirdos can slink down into their chairs and escape their sad little lives for a couple hours. But no judgment here. We say this with love. Floyd Theater offers Hollywood movies – from cult classics to films a few months old – plus more intellectual fair. Movies are shown most Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m., and there is often a 2 p.m. Saturday matinee. The Floyd doesn’t always post their movie schedule online (it’s only the 21st century, right?), so it’s best to call to see what’s playing, 852-6691.

So get of your duff already and go watch a movie like a civilized person, away from your computer!


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